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Energy Healing

Callie's Intuitive Touch massage includes information on ways you can help yourself maintain that great feeling once you leave the office.

Do you have unexplained pain?

Callie will customize your massage by using a combination of modalities to balance congested energy in the body to promote healing.

90 minutes- $135.00

120 minutes- $165.00

A different perspective about pain in your body:

Muscles represent the capacity for movement in life, flexibility and activity, dynamics.

In all cases, muscle-related problems denote a sense of undervaluation on the person’s part.

It indicates that he is allowing himself to be undervalued because his life does not flow naturally.

His/Her life does not flow naturally because the person pays excessive attention to what others say (and/or demand from him/her), thus ending up being influenced by thoughts that do not work for him/her.

Problems in muscles reveal undervaluation, but also resistance to new experiences.

Callie's Intuitive Touch Massage
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